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Krystoff ANTIER: Painter and sculptor in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil in Maine-et-Loire (49)


A self- taught artist, Krystoff Antier has been painting and sculpting since the age of 8, using oil, clay and bronze with equal dexterity. His mastery of technique and his sense of movement constitute the essence of his creative work. He does not simply paint a subject, he reveals it by playing on contrasts, working with the light to create an atmosphere.

This ability to capture an emotion can be discerned in his sculptures of female figures, reproduced from memory. A rapid sketch and clay coils, these are the bases of a sculptural work of art, sometimes weighing several hundred kilos, a combination of serenity and sensuality. Krystoff Antier reveals the beauty of bodies and souls


The academic nature of his work, be it painted or sculpted, bears witness to his perfect mastery of his art. His representation stigmatizes the subject, while paying homage to its imaginative and romantic nature. And, as a bonus, a zest of poetic spirit which is a true ode to beauty.

Present in numerous private and public collections in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Tunisia, Singapore, Hungary and the US.

Member of the Taylor Foundation, the Hungarian Sculptors Foundation, Friends of Arts, Artists for Hope, French Artists, the League against Cancer.

Awarded medals at numerous french salons, he received the title of Master Sculptor at the International Salon in Eger, Hungary.Member of the European Salon of Contemporary Art and the International Salon of Figurative Art.

Permanent exhibitions in:

  • Galerie « Ty-Aven » à Pont-Aven,
  • Les Galeries « Obéniche » à Honfleur.
  • Galerie « Laute » à Rennes


  • Arts Actualités Magazine,
  • Univers des Arts
  • Pratique des Arts
  • Dessin et Peinture
  • Journal de l'économie
  • Ouvrage d'Art « De la terre à la chair », édition KA Volume 1 et 2
  • Ouvrage d'Art « Du grès au bronze » édition KA






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Krystoff Antier

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